Wednesday March 7, 2012

My Ohava Computers Story

these guys are doing it right

By Colin Lieberman

When you think “Open Source,” the word “community” should come as naturally as “ice cream” is followed by “sunday.”

Community is important to Open Source because of our shared belief that by learning from each other, we can do the things we want to do with computers in a simpler, more satisfying way. And because of that belief, when a small company is doing great things for the community, we should recognize and praise that company.

I recently bought three OpenDesk machines from Ohava Computers. The machines are great, but what really impressed we was the commitment to service and quality I saw through the purchase process.

Because I bought the machines for playing games, I got them with fancy video cards. A few days after placing the order, I received an email from Scott at Ohava. I’m including the whole message here to demonstrate the excellent communication, and the values around customer service and quality:

I wanted to update you to the status of your order. Your computers have been assembled and working properly with one small issue that I wanted to make you aware of prior to shipment. There appears to be a bug in the current (and others) proprietary Nvidia drivers for the GeForce GT 520 series cards that make the small GPU fan spin at 100% at all times. Again, the driver itself works fine, though the fan speed is louder than anticipated. We did not want to simply ship you a somewhat noisy computer without mention, and provide a few possible options.
1. Leave the fan speed as is, and ship the machines.
2. I have ordered several 2-pin vga to 3-pin motherboard fan header cables that should allow me to plug the GPU’s fan directly into the motherboard, thus allowing control of the fan’s speed via the motherboards BIOS. I ordered them priority mail and hope to receive them 2/21-2/22. This I think would be the best option, though may delay shipping another few days.
3. At your own discretion, simply unplug the GPU’s fan cable. The GPU’s temperatures should remain well within the card’s thermal tolerance regardless of the small fan being operational. While I wouldn’t normally suggest this, research and testing has shown this to be a viable option.
If you could please inform me of the option that works best for you I will do my best to make sure I can get the computers out to you in the shortest amount of time possible. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly.

Whatever I needed was on the table. Ship them quickly? Sure, there are two options for that, both well-qualified with additional info. Wait and do it right? That's what they’d suggest, because they want to do it right.

There's no possible reaction to this email other than “this is absolutely the correct way to approach the issue.” (Naturally, I went with option two.)

The computers shipped shortly afterwards. Due to a bad cable from the supplier, the shipment of one of the boxes was delayed a few more days (note that this means they caught the bad part in their own testing before shipping!). Throughout this process, Scott was in constant contact keeping me up-to-date with where we were and what was going out.

Everything arrived in great shape, and working as well as I could expect it to.

Buying from Ohava was a completely positive experience from first to last, and I’ll certainly do it again.


  1. I’ve purchased from Ohava and had a similarly pleasing experience. I concur with your excellent appraisal of Ohava computers and Scott.

    — Samuel Gray    Aug 19, 05:52 PM    #
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